ASB Online Academy - Google it!

The ASB Online Academy provides an effective, accessible, anytime, anywhere fully online learning environment that encourages collaboration and a desire to develop 21st century skills that support lifelong learning. 

We launched in April 2011 offering a range of Digital Literacy courses for adult learners and Professional Development courses for educators. In 2012, we started a Summer School program for Middle and High School students in partnership with select content providers. January 2013 saw the launch of our extensive Student Enrichment Program offering online courses for all three school divisions as well as our first ever free Open Online Course on Cyber Security and Online Safety. 

The ASB Online Academy is open to everyone, worldwide! Our extensive range of exciting course topics across three strands: Professional Development, Adult Learning and Student Learning include a number of courses dedicated to Google tools:

Join us to learn more about our uniquely interactive online courses and the options available.

Presenter: Debbie Grieve