Demo Slam

Jim Sill Managing your Multiple Personalities with Chrome
You have your personal Gmail account, you have your work gmail account, you have a few other accounts that no one knows about. How do you keep track of them all and switch between them when the time is right?

Huda Hammoud - Say it with Drive
Put yourself at center stage with Google Drive apps.

David Hellam - Charting for All
A few quick tips on how to set up Google forms to make it easy to process responses for data capture and data exchange projects. Tips include: keep it simple, limit responses, avoid bias, process before you publish (KLAP)

Allison Hart - Generate a Bunch of QR codes in no time
Use a URL shortener and a Google Spreadsheet to automagically generate a short links and/or QR codes for a list of links. 

Jan Zawadski of Hapara Remote Control The Chrome Browser  
View student tabs and screens. Open and close student tabs. Send messages to student screens.

John Bailey My Map, Your Map, Everybody's Map 
Showing how you can use Google Maps, Earth and Sites to collaborate on and share KML without the need to download every update.

Shirley Pyon It's Google Time!
My demo slam will highlight simple Google Drive uses for busy classroom teachers. I have specific examples from my own daily practice to show my collaboration with students and the teachers on my team. 

Cindy Crannell Dancing in the Dark
Must have Chrome web app extension in You Tube.

Tara Waudby Expand Your Voice
Consume to create with a cycle of tools that moves from connection & learning to reflection, collaboration and communication.  

Lissa Layman Gone Google...Story Builder
Write fun, simple stories in minutes then share with the world!

Jeff Layman Outsourcing your starters
Use blogs, Twitter and Tumblr to find creative ways to begin your class.

Daniel Mendes Find your friend in a GDoc
Use the doc chat window to find your friend. 

Joseph Tanpoco Talk a bot / Locate me!
Talk to a bot and locate me!

UAE Summit Demo Slam