Debbie Grieve

Debbie is a Post-16 (high school and adult education) teacher from the UK and is currently the Director of the ASB Online Academy as well as lead instructor for the adult learning strand. She taught both Technology and Literacy within the Further Education and Community Learning Sector in the UK for seven years prior to moving to India five years ago. Whilst in India, Debbie worked with local NGOs teaching English as well as working with ASB to promote Digital Literacy within the Community by offering Technology courses on a variety of topics. Following two years in the United States, she has recently returned to London with her family and continues in her role as ASB Online Academy Director. 

Debbie has a fascination for emerging technology and gadgets and is a passionate lifelong learner and an advocate for a 21st Century education for all children. Debbie believes that effective online courses are built on sound pedagogical frameworks with high levels of interactivity and opportunities for collaboration. She has presented at conferences in the United States, Asia and Europe.
ASB Online Academy Director

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